What is Data?

The process of Quantification of Data, created by Biliana K. is a Unique Artistic Concept, that transforms any ordinary Data Input into a new state of matter, as Digital Mass, by introducing the Digital Mass Particles, that are literally attributed to Data.

BILIANA K. introducing the process of Data Quantification as unique artistic concept, at IDTechExShow, Santa Clara, CA, USA, Nov 20-21, 2019.


The core of powerful new Technology that transforms Your_Data_As_Art_Work.

For the first time, an Artistic Concept generates a pure technological artifact with unique technical characteristics and parameters such as Mass, Digital Mass Particles, Object, Energy. Combined with unique poetical and human dimensions, as the Constant A, The Artist generates the uniqueness of the process of Data Quantification by manually engaging with the Digital Mass and making it impossible to be replicated and reproduced, by attributing a signature/time stamp.

The process of Data Quantification that results into unique Artwork, aims at delivering a unique personal product people will have an affinity for, and ultimately fall in LOVE with.

Powerful Artistic concept that gives birth to a new potent technology, in order to generate a technological artifact with pure poetic dimension.



What is Art in 21st Century?

Your genuine and authentic Data will be transformed into pure Artwork, where the desire and necessity to transcend reality inhabit this virtual and physical artifact of Quantified Data. Therefore, you carry it with you, so that it can last forever and still remain relevant for people in the future.


Combining COMPUTING and MEMORY, Biliana K. creates a unique Artwork from the personal Data of each individual and the memories encapsulating moments in time.

Each Artwork contains different aspects of what makes us human – emotions, thoughts, desires. The personal data contains all these different aspects of human existence and experience, captured at any given time.

Defined as being aware of oneself, self-awareness is often thought of as a uniquely human trait.

Simply by commissioning an Artwork from Biliana K. and entrusting me with your Data, you exercise the human act of self-awareness, and you are empowered to live the ultimate human experience of transcending your own reality, independently of race, gender, age, location, wealth or education.

The Artwork is the fusion of the Physical Self (Body, environmental parameters), Digital Self (Data parameters) and Human Self (emotional parameters).

Connected Art at WhiteBox NYC

“A brand-new concept (#connectedart) advocating an ultimate synthesis of art and technology (#arttech)

Biliana K. is a start-up company and ongoing social project endeavouring to merge the worlds of technology and art in new, open-ended ways. Created by Bulgarian multidisciplinary artist @Biliana K., the company aims to curate, construct and craft digital sculptures assembled from fully automated digital data collection processes.

Termed as “Connected Art” by the artist, individual “nodes” of data, drawn from the entire ecosystem of the “Internet of Things,” become the coordinates for virtual structures, crafting a dematerialized entity out of the facts and figures of human experience.

The Art of Technology at White Box NYC, April 20-28, 2018, NYC




Connected Art

A new form of art, built from masses of Data crushed and turned into pieces of Art, forming Physical and Digital Object/Sculpture. Digital Mass, DATA, is the building matter of this new Art. Unique Data, in a total Autonomous Database.

Data is constructed and processed not to reach a meaningful end, but to reach a state of Absurdity, where Art becomes Tech and Tech becomes Art. Unique Data, in a Unique Autonomous Format: APP/ARTWORK/PRODUCT/ The Data/ Digital mass is put back into different End Formats of the underlying Technology and specifications of the IoT. It is all made possible via web, mobile APPlication, VR and 3D.

As Art is continuously evolving, so is our concept. The concept of this unique Artwork is embedded in the IoT .

The goal is to achieve a constantly expanding Digital Mass. Max amount of Data, in min amount of Space. We are building our Platform, that will allow us:

  • Maximum Input of Data
  • Maximum processing of Data
  • Maximum out puts in End Formats
  • Maximum connectivity

The company Biliana K. is “patent pending” in the US.

Decades of research into dematerialisation as a state, led Biliana K. into identifying the phenomenon of digitalization and its immaterial state as the “primal informational matter” or pure Digital Mass. The purpose is to build and construct the body of a totally dematerialised work of art. The notion of an infinite body of the Artwork is no longer seen as philosophical, but it is translated and constructed into a technological format through Applications.

Based in Geneva, the artist of Bulgarian origin Biliana K Voden Aboutaam has graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Brera in Milan, in scenography and art history. During her studies, she had already shown an interest in the theatrical language of the avant-garde, which goes away with the narrative and the units of time and action, until all that remains on stage is without syntax and alphabet: the void.

And this is what Biliana K. Art and Technology is here to do. The company is a start-up hybrid that merges two different formats: combines the unique fundamentals of a tech company with those of an artwork. It is based on Biliana’s artistic experience and decades of research about the state of dematerialization, but it has always been a process that took place in the ArtWorld, up to 2016.

Making progress over the years, her Artwork has become essentially Digital with the first digital painting done in 2004 and the first digital Sculpture done in 2007. The process of Digitization is seen as a visual rapture, that literally destroys the traditional codes of visual representation.

Inevitably, over time, this path led her to establish an artistic practice based on fully automated mechanical and technological Digital Data processes, that delimited the actual Artwork from the traditional visual representation.

The Art of Technology

The questions were disturbing and exhilarating at the same time

Firstly: What do you do with an Artwork that is totally immaterial and intangible, in full technological format and with no visual content whatsoever?

Secondly: How do you show and communicate an Artwork in Application Format, are the Galleries and Museums still the place for this immaterial entity, based exclusively on Digital practices?

Thirdly: What platform this Immaterial Entity belongs to?

The fundamental question that I asked myself was: What is Art in 21st Century?

The End of Representation as we know it!

All the questioning has led to the creation of a new Universe which has sprung a new form of Artwork. This new presentation of the Artwork is completely nurtured by systems. In this new ecosystem of


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