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BILIANA K. focus is on digital waste. Outdated and old Data sets, with no value, that occupy memory, storage, computing power and energy. Setting a new trend for a totally virtual Art work, made entirely of recycled Data. BILIANA K. sculptures come in Virtual Form of Unique Data Objects, that can be crafted in tangible form by using 100% recycled aluminum or plastic. BILIANA K. is Patent pending in the US.

I am a sculptor and apply the techniques for chiseling art from a set of unused data. The purpose is to recycle data and turn it into art and create a new dimension. Data is becoming socially environmental and it is produced ethically while creating a new form of art.

The idea first came to mind from browsing the Internet and seeing what was going on; as simple as using Facebook. It has further intensified due to the various data leak scandals in the media recently. I am an artist and see the world as a unique concept. From seeing the distressed society and developing a unique way of comparing a block of marble with data, there was only a small step to take when people showed me that they also need it: they started asking questions about what happens to their data and how it is being handled. However, due to an increase in civil responsibility worldwide and an intense care for the environment, the idea has been contoured when I learnt that there was a huge immense amount of old data that was not being monetized in any way. People have offered to give me their old data in order to recreate it into a piece of art and bring something new to life. This data cannot regain its original shape anymore and serves as the basis of a new sustainable art object.

How does it work?

People don’t know it yet and perhaps have not considered it as essential at the moment. However, people need art, while they create (willingly or unwillingly) data on a daily basis. And when huge amounts of unused data and need for art meet, there will be demand and there will be an acute need for supply. Data will become art, even more so when old data serves a recycling purpose.

What is New?

Openly and thoughtfully disagreeing on traditional art issues is the most powerful way of creating new and meaningful artwork, relationships and innovative products.


Biliana K. is a start-up with an emerging concept of creating and distributing art throughout technology. As art is continuously evolving, so is our concept. The concept of this unique Artwork experience is embedded in the IoT and becomes the only possible way of interaction and distribution of the immaterial Artwork. It is all made possible via web and mobile APPlications. Digital data has become the digital mass of this new type of artwork. It gives us today the possibility to access an infinite amount of information and press it into an Artwork. The completion of this process will transform the consumer from a simple viewer into an Art Collector. The APP icon on your device will become your digital footprint, a collectible item – the proof of your relationship with the Immaterial Artwork. The results lead to the only Digital Sculpture built in an Augmented Reality and is translated via a web and mobile Application that exists today! The goal is to achieve a constantly expanding Digital Mass, Data, that defines the immaterial Body of the Art Work and creates an infinite Body of Art Work, that contains and describes everything, of what it means to be Human.

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